It’s Been Busy

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So it’s been fairly busy at the shop this month. Even on nights when I’m supposed to be in the kitchen, I end up racking up plenty of deliveries and pocketing $20-40+ extra. My averages for nights that I deliver is definitely up, no matter what day of the week it is.

No new, incredible stories just yet to share.

I did get a better car recently, though. I’m loving the improved gas mileage.

My First Indian Giver

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This week marked a first for me.

The night was going alright. We were heading into the final hour and I had received more than enough in tips to justify my expenses and time. You could say it was going “very well,” even.

I come back from a prior delivery to a fairly large order. 3 Extra Large pizzas, a good number of sides, and a number of 2-liters. The total comes to over $60. As usual, I do my best to speed along the order’s production. We finish it up and I’m out the door.

I arrive at the residence and bring with me the first bag of food. I hand over the pizzas after collecting the money for the food, then tell the guy I’ll be right back with the second half of the order. When I get back up to the door, he tells me they’re missing a pizza and that they were overcharged on a special deal.

We examine the receipt and they’ve clearly received all items on the ticket. Well, there’s not much I can do about it there, so I phone back¬† into the store and let my boss talk to the customer. He hands my phone over to his wife, who had placed the order, since she knows more about the issue. I wait outside while they discuss the issue with my boss.

And wait.

And wait.

Finally, about 8 or so minutes later, the guy comes back to the door.

“I don’t know what you guys are trying to pull here, but this is bullshit. He should not be talking to my wife like that! I want my $5 tip back.”

“Okay, but I want to reiterate that I’m not sure what’s going on either. I didn’t take the order, I just helped make it.”

“Okay, but I want my $5 tip back. Tell your boss that he owes you $5. If he doesn’t give it to you, then call me and I’ll come down and make sure he gives it to you!”

I give him back his $5 and ask for my phone back. She ends the call and returns my phone. I apologize for the issues and leave. At this point, I’m just happy to be done with the ordeal.

I get back to the store and my boss is smoking a cigarette outside. I asked him what the deal with that was. He confirmed he offered to give them back $10 for the pricing issue, as well as deliver the supposed missing pizza – for free. She evidently was not having any of it. She was raging on the phone and incredibly difficult.

Oh well, I was pretty sure we would never hear from them again. No big deal in the end, right?

At the end of the night, he asked me if they had asked for the $10 back that they were owed. I told him no. He asked me if they tipped me. I told him about the guy requesting his $5 tip back. My boss hands me a $10 bill, giving me the difference from what they should have paid and did.

Yeah, I like my boss. He’s usually a pretty cool guy.

Not Dead (Yet)

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I apologize for my two month absence in writing here. It wasn’t intentional. Things have been quite busy at work, with a revolving door of other drivers that has caused me to be relied on much more. In addition to this, a few personal life events have caused me to focus more on my family to see us through. Things are good now, though, thankfully.

Regular entries will start appearing soon. Perhaps I’ll recall some stories from the past two months of deliveries.

So-So Saturdays With Harriet Houdini

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4 more days until school starts and the parents get sooo stressed out driving Billy and Susie around. Yes, I’m counting the days!

The day started out great. My favorite regular low tipper decided he wanted to order on Saturday instead of Tuesday this week, which means I have to stop working on my prep work and drive across town to him. Him and his $0.65 tip. What a douche.

Went back, worked on more prep until a triple came up. All 3 stops were very close to the store. All three of them are regulars and they generally tip alright. Huzzah!

First guy, exchange goes as normal. We chat briefly, then I depart. $2 tip, as usual.

Second stop, an old folks home. I’m instructed to deliver to the side door. I walk up, no one’s there. Knock, no one comes to the door. I pull out my phone and try to call them. It’s busy. Wonderful. I wait another moment, try calling a second time. Still busy.

I walk to the front door, no residents or staff answer the page at the door (which is odd). I make one more attempt to get anything but a busy signal, fail, and call the store.¬† I’m instructed to do the obvious and head to stop number 3.

Stop number 3 goes as usual. On my way back to the store, I swing my the old folks home and give it another shot. No dice, both doors. What’s going on???

I get back to the store and they’ve made contact with the woman, she’s supposedly been waiting for me outside the building this whole time. Frustrated, I head back over again and there she is, at the front this time and really obvious from the road.

I apologize and explain that I’ve been trying to make the delivery and they’re fussy. When we make the exchange, I’m asked if the pizza’s hot. It’s been in the heat bag for about 15 minutes total at this point. I had held it by the bottom when I took it out of the bag and it was pretty hot, so I assured them. I get a $3 tip and then I’m asked where their napkins and plates are… Yeah, the ones they supposedly asked for. Good times!

I had a double and then two single orders after that with little to note. Everyone tipped an acceptable amount. No more issues with Houdini customers, at least.

About 6 hours, 11 deliveries, 33 miles traveled, and just over $36 in tips. A pretty lackluster haul for a Saturday.

Good Tippers Help Make Up For A Slow Night

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Things are still relatively slow. School’s just around the corner. Any day now…

First run was just up the road. I groaned quietly to myself in my head when I realized it was the address of the first stiff I ever had as a delivery driver. Oh well, it’s literally 2 blocks from the store. Let’s get it over with and move on. I get there, make the usual exchange, and the same girl tipped me just over $3. Hey now!

Had a double where both stops tipped me $5 or more. One from a local gas station and the next from our favorite hotel.

Following that, I had the regular good tipper I talked about the other day here. The family that tips $10 on their credit card every time. Every time I think of them, I remember the Hot Dog Vendor from the Simpsons. When Marge asks him why he’s always following Homer, he replies with “Lady, he’s putting my kids through college!”

Unfortunately, I can’t keep making $20+ from every 10 miles driven indefinitely. My next stop was way out at the edge of our area South. I’ve written about the South end of our delivery area before. This time I got a whopping $2 for my half hour and ~16 miles driven! For that area, it’s a good tip! I’m so glad my boss is kind enough to pay a good wage.

The best part was how she informed me that $2 was all the ones she had. Well, I had just given her a five and used a little under $3.50 in gas to bring the still very hot pizza to her doorstep. Perhaps $1.50 past my expenses is too much to ask for quick, friendly service?

Following that long waste of time, I had two quick runs that tipped alright.

About 6 hours, 7 deliveries, 30 miles traveled, and just a little over $30 in tips.

“I’ll Get You Next Time”

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Tonight wasn’t much better than the prior day. I’m not sure which day I would prefer!

Went on a double. First house was a new-to-me customer sort of on the way to the second. Make the exchange and I get to hear everyone’s favorite words on a Thursday “Oh, I get paid tomorrow. Sorry, this is all I have to tip you until then. I’ll get you next time.”

If you’re ordering out for pizza and short on cash for the tip, do not say “I’ll get you next time.” It’s like a trigger phrase for the pizza man!

She gave me a little over a dollar for the tip. I’ve had worse, I guess.

Second customer is a regular way out in BFE, right on the edge of our delivery area. Did I mention our delivery area is massive compared to other pizza shops? The woman’s nice and so are here grandchildren, though. She tips me $4.25.

I get to the store and realize I just got about $5.50 for my first gallon of gas. Yeesh.

I went on one more run just up the street to a regular and netted $3.

About 4 hours, 3 deliveries, 20 miles traveled, and $8.50 in tips. Damn. I can’t wait for the busy season to start!


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Well, today sucked! I think we had maybe 4 or 5 carry-out orders in the 4 hours I was present. I believe my boss was being nice by keeping me for as long as he did.

About 4 hours, 0 deliveries, 0 miles traveled, and $0 in tips! I’m thankful for my ~$40 in pre-tax wages!

Pretty Good Night

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Tonight was pretty awesome for a Tuesday. Usually Tuesdays are pretty short and I don’t get more than 5 or so runs. Today was different!

I got two $10 tips tonight, both from regular high tippers. The first one always tips $10 and orders from us a few times a week. The second house has tipped as much as $20 on a $60 order before.

The first high tipper is shuffling two credit cards and quite obviously eating beyond their means. Sometimes, I have to admit, I hate taking their $10 tips, but there are days where that $10 means a lot to my bottom line.

The second customer, well, we have a theory at the shop. We think they’re selling drugs. There’s always someone sleeping on their couch. Sometimes it’s completely different people. They’ll order up to $80 in food and the place always looks like a wreck. I never feel weird about receiving huge tips from them. Easy come, easy go, right?

About 5 hours, 9 deliveries, 30 miles traveled, and just over $40 in tips. Makes my tip per order average $4.44, which is great. I made $37 in my first 20 miles (about a gallon of gas for me), then made just over $3 on the last 10.

From the Interwebs: August 11th, 2013

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There’s basically nothing worthwhile to post about this week. Sorry. Hopefully, I’ll have some stuff for next week’s installment.

Vaultz Clipboard

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Vaultz locking storage clipboardPizza Delivery Driver Forum poster ServiceFanatic posted a recommendation for the Vaultz Locking Storage Clipboard. It’s a cool clipboard that you can open up and stored items inside, like red pepper or parm packets.

ServiceFanatic also uses a velcro pen attachment so he can slap his pens on the side of the unit. It looks pretty handy and he wanted me to pass the tip onto my readers here. Thanks for the heads up!

Check out his video below to see it in action.

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