Is Delivering Pizzas Worth It?

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is delivering pizza worth it?So you’re thinking about trying out delivering pizzas as either a new full-time job or as a part-time job to help pay some bills. For someone without any experience with the job, the big question is “is delivering pizzas worth it?” This article will help shine some light on the pros and cons of pizza delivery, straight from a current delivery driver.

Is Delivering Pizzas Worth It?

How much difference would an extra $30-100+ a day make for you? I found the money to be pretty good where I work most of the time. A lot of drivers report making $15/hour on average, with some more experienced and successful drivers stating they make much more.

What kind of vehicle do you have access to? I would find it hard to recommend that a person who couldn’t get ~18/~28 MPG in their vehicle start delivery pizzas. While you might be alright on most nights, some slower nights with a bad bundle of deliveries could have you losing money.

Another thing to consider is what the pizza shop you are applying to pays drivers. Some pay a tipped minimum wage (being less than the standard federal minimum wage), some have mileage reimbursement, and others just pay you minimum wage (or better). Just make sure you’re not set up to fail and end up losing money or making very little doing the job.

What Kind of Perks Are There?

Do you like to work by yourself, or design your own work space?

When you’re outside of the store, you get to be in your own car, with your seat adjusted just how you like it.

You get to listen to whatever you want. Your favorite album, talk radio, news, sports, podcasts, etc.

The temperature of your car is fully at your control. You don’t have to sweat like a pig because of that one person in the office that’s always cold even when the thermostat’s set to 80 degrees! You know the one, the one in the sweater. Fucking Janice.

You don’t have to talk to anyone annoying for longer than 30-60 seconds at a time when you’re in your car.

You get to sometimes take nice, scenic rides on the outskirts of town.

You can work as little as 3-4 hours a day and make more than $20/hr sometimes. Then you have the rest of the day to either have another job or relax.

It does bring a certain sense of freedom that you don’t get when you are stuck in a cubicle like other jobs. So, even on bad days, it’s still a different kind of job that has a lot of appeal to some people.

What Are Some of the Cons of Delivering Pizza?

Nothing’s ever perfect and anyone who says it is is either lying or ignorant. There are some potential negatives of pizza delivery.

gasolineThe most obvious one is that you are working for tips. You’re investing your own money, in gasoline and wear & tear on your car. You’re expecting to get tips to reimburse you for this investment (and hopefully more to live off of). The majority of people usually honor this custom and tip you decently. Some people will surprise you and tip you generously. Some other people will make you salty.

The furthest deliveries always seem to never tip nearly as much as they should. $2-3 is a decent tip for someone a mile or two away. When you drive 10+ miles and invest a good portion of an hour into a delivery, you’re going to feel like that tip isn’t worth it.

Pizza shops can get really hot. When you’re inside, you’re going to be subjected to the heat from the ovens. Some shops can get as hot as 100 degrees even with air conditioning running. If you can’t stand the heat for short periods of time, you might have a problem.

Of course, you are dealing directly with customers and sometimes you’ll need to exercise some short bursts of tact in order to take care of the more difficult ones.


Pizza delivery isn’t for everyone and it does have it’s pros and cons. However, for the right person, it’s a really fun, different kind of job. It can also be very profitable for even just a few hours of your time a day.

I never thought I’d be doing a job like this after having so much more experience, but I took a chance on making some extra money in the evenings. I found out I liked it a lot. It’s possibly one of best experiences I’ve had working for someone else.

So if you’re still considering doing it as a full-time or a part-time job just to help pay the bills, give it a shot. You will never know it until you try.


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