So-So Saturdays With Harriet Houdini

August 17, 2013 by
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4 more days until school starts and the parents get sooo stressed out driving Billy and Susie around. Yes, I’m counting the days!

The day started out great. My favorite regular low tipper decided he wanted to order on Saturday instead of Tuesday this week, which means I have to stop working on my prep work and drive across town to him. Him and his $0.65 tip. What a douche.

Went back, worked on more prep until a triple came up. All 3 stops were very close to the store. All three of them are regulars and they generally tip alright. Huzzah!

First guy, exchange goes as normal. We chat briefly, then I depart. $2 tip, as usual.

Second stop, an old folks home. I’m instructed to deliver to the side door. I walk up, no one’s there. Knock, no one comes to the door. I pull out my phone and try to call them. It’s busy. Wonderful. I wait another moment, try calling a second time. Still busy.

I walk to the front door, no residents or staff answer the page at the door (which is odd). I make one more attempt to get anything but a busy signal, fail, and call the store.  I’m instructed to do the obvious and head to stop number 3.

Stop number 3 goes as usual. On my way back to the store, I swing my the old folks home and give it another shot. No dice, both doors. What’s going on???

I get back to the store and they’ve made contact with the woman, she’s supposedly been waiting for me outside the building this whole time. Frustrated, I head back over again and there she is, at the front this time and really obvious from the road.

I apologize and explain that I’ve been trying to make the delivery and they’re fussy. When we make the exchange, I’m asked if the pizza’s hot. It’s been in the heat bag for about 15 minutes total at this point. I had held it by the bottom when I took it out of the bag and it was pretty hot, so I assured them. I get a $3 tip and then I’m asked where their napkins and plates are… Yeah, the ones they supposedly asked for. Good times!

I had a double and then two single orders after that with little to note. Everyone tipped an acceptable amount. No more issues with Houdini customers, at least.

About 6 hours, 11 deliveries, 33 miles traveled, and just over $36 in tips. A pretty lackluster haul for a Saturday.


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